Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring nail Art day one

I am sharing Nicole and my manis today. 

Nicole used Acrylic paint to achieve this look 

I sponged on a green, white, and red polish over a white base. I tried to draw some chilies but it didn't turn out that great. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Nail Art Challenge

Okay, here are the challenges.  We are not going to be adding rules, the less rules the better.  So you can do these challenges any way you want.  You can use any polish, stamps, acrylic paint, glitter, rhinestones.......basically anything you want to get the challenge done =D

May - June
5th Cinco De Mayo
9th Flowers
13th Mothers Day/Parents Day
17th Cookout Theme nails
21st ButterFlies
25th Memorial Day theme
29th Sparkle
2nd Inspired by a tutorial
6th Summer is coming!

For Mothers Day/Parents day, we want you to do a mani that reminds you of your parent. 

For the Sparkle, we would like for you to just make your nails SPARKLY.  This can be done anyway you want.  You can use glitter polish, actual glitter, rhinestones, whatever you want to make your nails POP.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guest Post from Miss Mani Monster

Hey guys, coming at you today with a guest post. ENJOY. Check out Heathers blog at

I'm so happy to be guest-posting for Show Me Your Top Coats! For this mani, I decided to play with Zoya Wednesday, but I also recently picked up a nail art pen from Five Below (seriously it was $3!) I decided to paint my ring and middle fingers white and try out the pen! I learned really fast that the polish comes out kind of quickly so you have to spread it out and kind of draw fast. You get a lot of polish for just a little squeeze of the pen, so I'm hoping I'll get a better feel for it as I go. That being said, I'm reasonably happy with it! 

Thanks again,
Miss Mani Monster

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Laura Loves Show me Your Top Coat Collaboration Nail Art Cities

Hi everyone. I have been slacking on this blog but I am back today with a  wonderful guest post. This is a collaboration Laura and I decided to do about cities we love. She chose London. Enjoy! 

I am so excited to be collaborating with Sam , and to be posting about a city I love so much... London, So I hope you like my Mani, even if it hasn't turned out as clearly as I'd have liked. If you do like it please take a look at my blog
Thank you!

Under ground tube station sign
phone box

London Eye
Big Ben

London Eye

What an amazing mani. Thank you Laura for sharing with all the SMYTC followers. Everyone should head over to Laura's blog and check out her other work. She is a wonderful blogger and needs as much support as we can offer her. You can also see my Arizona mani inspired by this picture. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hare Pegasus!

This polish was great to work with! It's pretty and mostly opaque in two coats. I have 3 layers on in this pic.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stamping tips

Hi everyone. I just wanted to make a quick post because there seems to be a few of you who are having a hard time getting the hang of stamping. Don't punch me in the face, but my number one piece of advice is practice. I know it's so annoying to be told that, but really that's all it takes.

My number 2 piece of advice is having a good scraper. I have learned that having a good scraper is more important than a stamper. If you find your stamper isn't picking up and you have ran a pencil eraser (or lightly filed) the film build up away, than you made need to change up your scraping technique. Sometimes scraping left to right is better, sometimes top to bottom and even corner to corner. 

If you find that doesn't work than you may need a different scraper. It has been very common for people to use old debit cards (or gift cards) to scrap the polish across the image. For about 3 months I couldn't understand why I wasn't good at stamping. I tried 4 different stampers, 100 different polish, had my Bundle Monster plates replaced, and still couldn't get a good image. The only thing I didn't change was my debit card scraper. If it works for you, congratulations. :) But what does it hurt to try something new?

As polish addicts we have already established that there is not price to high when it comes to great nails. (OK we all have a limit, but a new $3 scrapers isn't near that line). Born Pretty Store has a great set that sales the plastic and metal scraper as well as the stamper for $2.99 and free shipping. You can check it out HERE.

I used to blame my plates every time, when the truth is it's probably anything but your plates. Don't get me wrong, there are some dud plates out there. I found a few in the BM02 set, but mostly it's the amount of polish that you have on your plate. I will say as for the metal and plastic scraper it's based on preference. They seem to work the same in my opinion. I have heard that the metal one works better, but it scratches your plate. I don't press hard enough for it to scratch my plate so I don't have that problem. I use the plastic one anyways because I can't stand the sound of metal on metal 

The white stamper is just called the XL Stamper and the pink is the Konad double sided stamper

I think this pretty much speaks for it's self plastic V. Metal

           Metal Scraper                                Plastic Scraper

Old Credit Card as a scraper
(it's not THAT bad, but noticeably worse) 
Blue is the Pink Konad stamper and Green is the Black XL

I personally prefer the black XL because it give me a little more control on placement. As you have been told or seen in videos the press and roll seems to be the preferred technique. I like to use the black XL because it has a very squishy surface and you can place your nail where you want it and just push your nail down onto the image. No rolling required. The rolling is when the placements is the trickiest.  You can get the XL stamper on Amazon or ebay. You can check them out HERE. This is a domestic seller. There are several sellers from China and those stampers are hit or miss. BUT their scrapers suck! 

Gina @ Soguesswhat11 is my favorite youtuber and she has a great tips and tricks video. Basically she says everything I say here, but it's worth checking out. Find her video here.

So that's it. I am by no means a guru, just someone who went through a lot of trial and error before I knew about blogs and youtube videos about stamping. I bought all the products myself and just wanted to give you guys links so you can get an idea of what the products look like. Please shop around and find the best price for your budget. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nfu-Oh 51 V. Layla CE 52

Today I have a comparison between Nfu-Oh 51, Layla Ceramic Effects CE 52, and Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light. The Nfu-Oh was the first one I bought, back in May. It's been in a drawer in my "melmer" ever since. In fact before last night, I'd never used it. My friend used it a few times on her toes, but aside from the swatch on one nail. I had never seen what this polish really looked like. I was with that same friend when I bought the Layla CE 52 and she said "it's that the exact same color as the boob polish" (if you have seen an Nfu-Oh bottle you know what she means). I was like no, they are not the same they are very different. So I get home, but the CE 52 on the rack and it sits there for a month. Finally I decide it's time to do the comparison. I also heard that it looked a lot like DL Ray of Light and since I had a picture of that one from a previous blog post I thought I'd add that as well. I think the Ray of Light looks different enough to own. However, I have an obsession with Deborah Lippmann so I would say buy it anyways. Although the pictures show that they look pretty different, in real live when you looked down at your hands they looked the exact same. So IMO you only need an Nfu-Oh or a Layla... not both. As for the Ray of Light, that's more blue than purple. So if you like flakie jellies (like me), than I say get a 51 or a 51 and then get your self the Ray of Light as well. 

Nfu-0H 51 Sunlight
Nfu-Oh 51 shade

Layla CE 52 sunlight
Layla CE 52 Shade 

51 indoors
CE 52 indoors

I would like to ask that you ignore the cropping issues. I added them to dropbox cropped,  for some unknown reason the converted back to the original photo. I must look into this issue. But I will save that for another day.